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The Power of RED

Redecorate your home with plush red elements.

Red not only symbolizes fire, it also means
passion, luck, energy and a pioneering
spirit. Indeed, red is not a bad colour to have
in your living room. Be enveloped by its
positivity without making your home look like
a giant ang pow this Chinese New Year.

1. Paint one wall.
At all costs, avoid painting the entire room
red. Not only will your space look like a sore
thumb, it is simply not pleasing to the eye and
will evoke a sense of alarm. Pick one wall and
paint it red, letting it be the focal wall. Choose
the narrowest wall in a long room as this will
improve the room’s proportions.

2. One statement piece.
With your red wall in place, ensure that only
one large piece of furniture is red. It could be
an armoire, sofa, carpet or lounge chair. Leave
it as the statement piece in the room.

"Choose the narrowest wall in a long room to paint red as this will improve the room’s proportions."

throws and pillows. Remember to keep it
light by ensuring that not all the pillows are
the the same size. Match red with neutral
colours such as white, navy blue and beige.
If your statement piece is red, ensure its
surrounding objects are not the same
colour. On the other hand, scatter red
cushions and pillows on chairs and sofas that
are not red.

3. Layer on the fun.
Even if you are going for a minimalist look
and feel, layer your sofa and chairs with

4. Do not be monotonous.
Break the rules and decorate with different
shades of red. From dark maroons to blood
red, play around with the different hues of red
and mix and match flowers, paintings, vases
and pillows to create a style of your own.

At the end of the day, when it comes to using the most passionate colour in nature’s artistic palette, less is more. Do not overdo it and rest assured that visiting relatives and friends this
Chinese New Year will be blown away by your simplistic yet chic style. Good luck!