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Budget-Friendly Holiday Parties

Throw a holiday bash without breaking the bank.

Holiday parties are expensive affairs. Not
only do you have to consider buying
and cooking more than enough food to feed
everyone, you also have to factor in alcohol,
decorations and party favour costs. Here are
some things you can do to ensure you put on a
great holiday party for your loved ones without
going over-budget.

1. Potluck.
Encourage your guests to bring something
to the table. Uncle Ted could bring a side of
mashed sweet potatoes, Fred and his wife could
bring some wine and your mother-in-law could
make her famous peanut butter pie. At the end
of the day, a little bit of everything amounts

to a lot of something, so do not hesitate to get
your guests to participate in the creation of the
party menu.

2. Make party favours.
Most hosts choose to give something small to
their guests as a thank you gesture for showing
up. Instead of overspending on excessive gifts,

"Spend some time in advance with your kids and make the Christmas decorations with them."

choose to make something. A good idea would
be to bake simple batches of cookies and pack
them into little holiday tins.

3. Keep the deco simple.
Spend some time in advance with your kids
and make the Christmas decorations with them.
This will give your home’s holiday decorations
a personal touch. You should also use the
Christmas tree as the focal point of the festive
decor. Also do not worry too much about the
ambience. Play some Christmas tunes as white
noise and you will be all set to go. Some great
recommendations are Christmas albums by
Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart and Michael Buble.
At the end of the day, so long as you spend the
holidays with your loved ones it does not matter
where or how you do it. After all, the whole point
of the holidays is not about expensive gifts or
overpriced parties. Rather, it is about being thankful
for what you have and spending time with those you
love. Happy holidays!