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Hiring A Helper In Singapore

What you need to know when getting live-in help for your home.

Hiring a domestic helper is not an easy feat.
The hardest part is finding a helper who will
fit well into your family. What happens if you are
not happy with your helper or if she runs away?
Here are some scenarios to take note of should
you decide to get a helper.

1. How much goes to the agency? Pick an
agency licensed by the Ministry of Manpower
(MOM). Once you have secured their services,
you will need to pay an agency fee that usually
ranges between $900 and $2000. They will help
with the necessary application and paperwork.

"If you already engaged their services and changed your mind half-way through the process, note that the agency fee is non-refundable."

2. Is the fee refundable? If you already
engaged their services and changed your mind
half-way through the process (even before the
helper arrives), note that the agency fee is nonrefundable.
It is like buying a ticket on a budget
airline; non-refundable or exchangeable. This also
applies to scenarios whereby you are unhappy
with the agency and wish to switch agencies.

3. If my helper runs away, do I get a
replacement? An investigation will be
conducted by MOM and if they find that it was
the fault of the employer, no replacement will be
given. This is something that you need to discuss
with your agency. Most agencies will take this into
account but only on a case-to-case basis.

4. What if I do not like my new helper?
The important thing is to ensure you feel
comfortable with your new helper so if you
are unhappy, then request for a replacement.
Most agencies will offer you one replacement
whereas some agencies will only offer you a
replacement if you agree to pay a fee, which on
average is roughly $500. This differs from agency
to agency so check before signing a contract.
Keep in mind that if you are a first time employer,
you need to undergo an ‘Employer Orientation
Programme’ before applying for a helper. At the
end of the day, there is no denying that it is a
tedious process getting domestic help so if you
feel the cons outweigh the pros, you can also
opt to engage the services of part-time help. Go
through our directory for licensed agencies.